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8.22.14 Are you suffering from series fatigue? Are you tired of having to read multiple books just to find out how it all ends? If you are, then the books listed below are for you! They are, believe it or not, a complete story in just ONE book! Read a few of these and then you might be ready to tackle a new series…

With your donations, we gave it a go, but our e-waste recycling program just hasn't seen the success we need to continue. You still have until September 1 to bring your e-junk in, but only by appointment. Call Myrna at 608.789.7125 to schedule a drop-off and to find out what we can accept. Thanks for your interest.

8.18.14 Kids, we’re back to give you the answers to the rest of the FIND IT OUTS from the SLP game cards!

Even though we have gotten fantastic news about next year's budget, and will not have to make changes to hours at any locations, we are still holding our final listening session. Join us on Saturday, August 16, 10 - 11:30 at Main, to share what you value about library services in La Crosse.

We understand that there has been some concern about our implementing “Floating Collections,” which we introduced at our Listening Sessions. We apologize for not better explaining it. Using Floating Collections, libraries can allow some items to move (or “float”) between locations. So, instead of ordering copies for each location, we will order x number of books to share among the three locations.