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Due to our carpet and shelving installation project, all services on the 2nd floor at Main will be unavailable through Sunday, Nov 2.  The great news is that Children's will reopen on Saturday!

Be aware that fumes from the carpet project may still be present on the first floor today through next week.

10.26.14  We will begin a long-overdue carpeting/shelving project on October 27 at Main. Main will be open throughout the project, but some departments and services will be inaccessible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Both North and South will be open regular hours

October 27-31

  • Youth Services closed to public
  • No drive-up bookdrop
  • No holds/requests on Main Youth Services and 2nd floor materials
  • 2nd floor materials will be moved to carts and will be accessible most of the week

November 3-7

10.21.14   We've fielded lots of requests for Rosetta Stone language-learning products. For a long time, the company has been reluctant to sell their products to libraries. Now, however, we can offer you access on our website to Rosetta Stone for Libraries, which includes the first-level lessons for thirty different languages.

Because of licensing restrictions, we can only offer home use to residents of the city of La Crosse, but anyone can use it in the library.

10.20.14   Since we offer Overdrive as a service, we are obligated to let you know about a privacy/security issue with Adobe Digital Editions, that's recently been revealed. This provides a good overview of the situation. We'll keep you updated as the situation changes. 

Parents and adults interested in tips and information on the importance of reading in the lives of our community's preschoolers are invited to a special workshop on Saturday Nov 8, 9:30-11:30 am in the Main Library auditorium.