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7.22.14   Did you know that it’s perfectly acceptable to read teen books EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A TEEN? It’s true! There are such amazing authors who just happen to write for teens that you shouldn’t miss out even if you aren’t a teen anymore (and haven’t been for awhile). Give one of the following books a try and see what you’ve been missing:

Many of you already know that the library, as part of the city, is facing deep budget shortages in 2015. We have introduced a plan to keep both branches open, albeit at reduced hours and services. The plan, summarized in today's Tribune, assumes that there will be no further adjustments to the library's allocation from the city.

7.14.14  Parents, do you have trouble that seems to happen every night at bedtime? Then this New York Times article is for you.

Annie Murphy Paul, describes that the way to get kids to bed easier is to explain why it’s so important. Simply saying, “you’ll be tired in the morning” isn’t enough, but maybe talking about how they’ll become better at piano, or football if they get enough sleep is the key?

All three locations will be closed on Friday, July 4, for Independence Day. Remember, it's not the mayo that will make you sick at your picnic, it's the potatotes! We'll be back July 5, at all three locations. 

6.25.14 Many of you have been completing your gamecards at home and at the library to build our robot and earn your free book this summer! Did you get all the Find it Outs so far? If not, here’s a little help from your librarians: