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Tuesday, April 1 Catalog update

We've been hearing from many of you that you are not receiving notices. For some of you it may be a simple solution of adding to your address book. But, we are also having problems with phone notifications and phone renewals.

If you are searching for Overdrive books in the catalog, we suggest that you use the Wisconsin Digital Library site. The information in the catalog is incorrect and incomplete. We'll let you know when that's fixed.


iPads In The Children's Room

Do you have trouble trying to figure out what kid-friendly apps are worth downloading? The children's department has your back. Not only do they know books, they also know apps! There are now two iPads in the Children's room, and one each at North and South. Children and parents can discover wonderful apps together. There are two apps available daily to try for up to thirty minutes at Main and one each at North and South.


The Catalog Is Live!

Wednesday, March 26 update: Rejoice! We can now take your Interlibrary Loan requests! Phone renewals are still not live, but we hope to have it working in the next couple days.

Tuesday, March 25 catalog update: While we've had intermittent issues with renewals, those seem to be resolved. For those of you who are Interlibrary Loan champs, we will, unfortunately, need to hold off on re-starting our ILL service. Check with us during the middle of next week. And, we're still behind on getting new titles to you as soon as you've come to expect. We're starting to get caught up, but it will be awhile before we're able to place holds on materials that are on-order.



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