The Catalog Is Live!

Wednesday, March 26 update: Rejoice! We can now take your Interlibrary Loan requests! Phone renewals are still not live, but we hope to have it working in the next couple days.

Tuesday, March 25 catalog update: While we've had intermittent issues with renewals, those seem to be resolved. For those of you who are Interlibrary Loan champs, we will, unfortunately, need to hold off on re-starting our ILL service. Check with us during the middle of next week. And, we're still behind on getting new titles to you as soon as you've come to expect. We're starting to get caught up, but it will be awhile before we're able to place holds on materials that are on-order.

Saturday, March 22, 3:45 pm catalog update: it's (still) working, and improving every day! First, we apologize if you got a bunch of emails about upcoming due dates. During the first sending of notices, things didn't go so smoothly, and multiple notices were sent. This should not happen again. Secondly, we have some bad news for those of you with library cards that start with A and end with R: they are not recognized in the system unless staff enter the number by hand. The next time you are in, we'll replace your card with a newer number. We love how attached our long-time users are to those older cards, but we hope you'll understand our need to move you to a newer card. Last update for today: To place a hold on an item, you will need to have your fines below the $10 limit. Staff is unable to override this. As soon as you're below 10 bucks, you can place holds. As always, you guys are swell! Your patience, comments, and support are appreciated. Drop us a line if we can help you in any way, or chat with us on Facebook.

Thursday, March 20 update: Thank you for your patience during this time. Be advised, any holds placed on Tuesday between 9am and 3pm were lost. We're very sorry for this inconvenience. Please replace these holds at your earliest convenience. If you need help, please contact any of our service desks. If you see any issues with your account, know we're still working on addressing discrepancies.