Electronic Resources Roundup: ValueLine Investment Survey

If you want to know what analysts are saying about a particular stock, check out the ValueLine Investment Survey, available through the La Crosse Public Library. 

ValueLine provides unbiased ratings and reports to help investors identify likely prospects for purchase. Company reports track past performance and predict future performance for a number of key factors, including earnings, dividends, capital and debt, while industry reports cover events and trends that influence industry and highlight the best-performing companies. Anyone can use it while at any of our three library locations. City of La Crosse residents can use their library card to get remote access to this resource from home or work. Click on the Research tab, then on "V" for ValueLine. Check the Investment Education tab for tools and guides on using the database, as well as the company's YouTube channel (also linked on the Research page), for video guides.

Get access to the ValueLine Investment Survey