How Does Our Garden Grow?: August

Can you believe it's August already and that we're seeing precious packets of seeds coming back from you? It's time to watch your garden every day so that you can select the very best seeds to return. My lettuce is flowering, my cumin seeds are browning, my Zinnias are full of butterflies and the zucchini is delicious. If you have misplaced your Save this Seed instructions, we have plenty more for you, at the library, or downloadable, from this link (Save this Seed).

Basics: Be aware. Choose the best. Separate the seeds from the plant. Dry seeds for at least two weeks. Package the dry seeds in the envelopes we've provided, then return them to the Check-out desk at Main. No need to hurry; most seeds come back to us in September or October. We hope that you are enjoying your heirloom vegetables as much as we are. --Cindy M.