Friends of the Library

2015 sale dates to be announced

Friends encourage the use of the library as a center for the educational and cultural life of the community, by emphasizing the following goals:

  • To foster closer relations between the library and the citizens of La Crosse by focusing public attention on library services, facilities, resources and needs.
  • To assist in making funds available for special needs beyond the library budget.
  • To influence the gifts of books and other materials, desirable collections, endowments, and bequests to the library through ways approved by the La Crosse Library Board of Trustees.
  • To encourage participation of volunteers in all the activities that meets the needs of the library.

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Board of Directors

Leslie Clatworthy, President     Conrad Autrey
OPEN, Vice-President               Wendy Butler
OPEN, Secretary                       Ann Keuper
Mary Jo Boland, Treasurer        Rosemarie Link
                                                Marla Natoli 
                                                Martin Smith
                                                Mary Ellen Stolder
                                                Marge Weiske

To contact the Friends, call the Bookshop phone: 608.789.7149

Activities of the Friends

The Friends' board meets ten times a year to maintain and execute the established goals, providing for the needs of the La Crosse Public LIbrary in the future. Activities of the Friends include:

  • Book sales for members and the public are held the first weekends in May and November. Additional one-day sales are scheduled as needed. Dates listed here and on the library's events calendar. Volunteers are essential to the continuance of these popular sales. Stop in the Bookshop, or call, to volunteer. 608.789.7149
  • The Bookshop is located at the south entrance of the Main library and provides for the ongoing sale of quality donated materials. The Friends also have a small selection at the Northand South branches of the library.
  • Funding for non-budgeted library needs such as equipment, special materials, book discussion groups, library programming and staff development.
  • Hospitality needs for Friends' meetings, library functions and staff events.
  • Publication of the Friends' newsletter. It is available to members.
  • Assistance in maintaining reading materials for various care centers, shelters, community pantries, jail programs, etc.

Bookshop Hours

Mon 4-8 pm
Tues 11 am-3 pm
Weds 11 am-3 pm
Thurs 11 am-5 pm
Fri 1-5 pm
Sat 11am -5 pm
Sun 1-5 pm