The Seed Library

The Seed Library at La Crosse Public Library was launched in February 2013, with the help of a grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation. Our mission is to lend free heirloom seeds to community members in order to teach and promote the art of heirloom seed saving and sharing. We support local sustainability efforts that encourage growing and eating wholesome, fresh, affordable food.

For more information, please view our brochure.

Summer 2015 Update

It's been a great year for a garlic growing, and by now you should be drying the Red German or Bogatyr that we gave away last year, or maybe even enjoying it! We'll be accepting full heads of either variety through September 19. Please bring your bulb to Main in a paper bag labeled with your name and the vareity. We've had a few returns already and are excited to share with others.

To celebrate our first harvest, we'll be hosting a Garlic Fest on Saturday, September 26 from 10 am-1 pm at Main. While supplies last, we'll have another garlic bulb giveaway, just in time for fall planting. Tasty, economical recipes that feature garlic will be shared in a Market Basket program presented by the Hillview Urban Agriculture Center. As part of the Market program, a few lucky attendees will take home a free slow cooker. Hope to see you there! 

Save this Seed

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Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA, has great webinars, including several on saving seeds. Click on the playlist to view titles; Seed Saving for Beginners is a good starting point. 

To learn how to flail and winnow with a fan view these videos: Seed Cleaning: Fanning or Winnowing and How to Clean Seeds Using an Electric Fan.

The goal of seed saving is to save seeds from the same variety you started with, and some plants require more care than others. Read tips on Cross-Pollinating Friskiness.

Most of our seeds are saved at home by amateurs. The Seed Library at La Crosse Public Library cannot guarantee their purity or germination rates. Seed saving (and gardening) carries an element of chance.

If you check out seed that doesn't come true, please do let us know by filling out our comment card, Tell Us!. We want to hear about your experiences.