Purchase Suggestions

SERVICE ALERT January 9, 2017:  Please note that we have determined that some of your purchase suggestions submitted since June or July of 2016 have not been received due to an issue with the WRLS purchase suggestion form. If you have requested an item and have not received notification about it being available, please check the catalog to see if it has been ordered. If we have not ordered it, please place the request again. Please accept our apologies for this lapse--we pride ourselves on being responsive to your requests in a timely manner. It is our understanding that the issue has been fixed, so you can now place your requests with confidence that they will be received. 

Please note that as of July 1, 2016, the process for purchase suggestions for all Winding Rivers Library System libraries has changed. Your request will now go directly to the library where you would like the item sent. Each library still has its own criteria for selection. Below are the criteria for items suggested for purchase for La Crosse Public Library. 

We welcome suggestions for new materials or materials that will be released in the next three months. For new materials use the form linked below. For materials older than one year, contact the refdesk@lacrosselibrary.org or at 608.789.7122 for Interlibrary Loan Service. All fields are required. Please submit ONE title per request and provide as much information as possible to aid us in finding the material. You will be limited to five submissions per week. If you are an author/creator who would like us to consider your work for inclusion in one of our collections, please review our Materials Selection and Donation policies. If you submit more than one title in the suggestion form, only the first title will be considered.

Link to Winding Rivers Form for Purchase Suggestions